Making great coffee is a lot of hard work.

WE CARE about the hard working men and women who harvest coffee beans. Our roasters visit micro farms around the world to learn about the nuances that make those farms special. Then we buy our beans directly from those farms which helps ensure they are treated ethically and paid fairly

OUR PURSUIT OF QUALITY has lead us to believe that you really do get what you pay for, and having a bag on the shelf stamped Fair Trade simply isn't good enough. Our Direct Trade sourcing has allowed us to positively effect coffee quality at the cultivation level, while being able to pay our producers at least 25% above the Fair Trade export price.

SUSTAINABLE SPECIALTY COFFEE results from our partners' conscientious cultivation.  Farmers for our Dominion Yirgacheffe, for example, use coffee cherry pulp to grow shiitake mushrooms and compost as feed for animals leaving virtually no footprint.


Producer: Luis Pascoal
Farm: Daterra

El Salvador

Producer: Robert Dumont
Farms: Finca Malacara 


Producer: Mike Stemm
Farm: Dominion Station


Producer: Edwin Martinez
Farm: Finca Vista Hermosa 

Producer: Juan Diego de La Cerda
Farm: El Socorro


Producer: Luis Alberto Ballardez
Farm: Las Segovias